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Alanna Robertson-Webb

Follow her into the horrifying, thrilling side of writing. She has mysteries for you to explore, foes for you to defeat, and even a monster or two for you to meet.

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Alanna Robertson-Webb is a sales account manager by day, and a (mainly horror) writer by night who one day wants to own a restaurant. 

In addition to co-writing a novella she has been published in over fifty-five different short story anthologies, many of which have reached 'top ten' spots in various Amazon categories.

She is also an editor, and functions as as trinity of  a developmental, content and copy editor. As of 2020 Alanna has edited over thirteen books, as well as a slew of individual stories.

She is currently the editor-in-chief at Eerie River Publishing, an up-and-coming indie publisher based out of Canada, and you can find out more about their open submissions at

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"I absolutely love each and every story. My favorites were Barks [by Alanna Robertson-Webb] and Neighbors [by Michael Squid] among others. Treat yourself with this!" 

"This book would not let me put it down! My son keeps talking about this event so I had to read this and it is even better than I imagined it would be. Great writers and awesome story!"

"Wow, what an awesome collection of short stories...A must read for lovers of horror and suspense. Very much in the same league as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Willow Rose, Michael Campling." 

Doctor Patricia Eroh 
Storming Area 51: Horror at the Gate

Liza Van Der Pluym,
Daughters of Darkness: An All-Women Horror Anthology

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